Behavior Change Toolkit

Tenant and Employee Engagement for Energy Efficiency

When it comes to increasing building energy efficiency, there is one barrier that seems to be difficult to cross: behavior change. Building techniques and technology have enabled facilities to drastically improve their energy efficiency, but many opportunities for emissions reductions and cost savings still remain through plug load reductions and tenant and employee engagement in energy efficiency.

To help you navigate through these opportunities, A Better City has developed the following resources:

  1. A tenant engagement toolkit that offers tenants or property managers a suite of proven options to choose from as they develop a pilot in their facility.
  2. Behavior change pilot guidelines for buildings, hotels and law firms that include measuring pilot results. The most successful behavior change programs have been found to have elements of all three types of behavior change interventions listed below.
  • Communication-based intervention tools focus on delivering information
    – Targeted messaging around specific behaviors
    – Mass marketing (i.e. informational emails)
    – Education/training sessions
  • Social interaction-based intervention tools assume behaviors are changed through peer groups or social interaction
    – Peer champions/eco-teams
    – Participating in community-wide efficiency campaigns
    – Energy efficiency expos
  • Feedback-based intervention tools assume individuals change their behaviors in response to information about their building’s energy use or goals
    – Energy dashboards
    – Competitions
    – Games
    – Cubicle “audits”
    – Goal-setting
    – Technology (i.e. advanced power strips and submeters)