Hotel Behavioral Energy

What Is It?

Hotels are generally highly energy intensive properties with approximately 60% percent of a typical hotel’s winter energy consumption from guest-room related activity. While guest activity is a major source of energy consumption, behavior-related programs that seek to alter guest energy consumption may not be either successful or welcome given guest expectations around hotel room use. Behavior-related energy initiatives related to housekeeping staff, however, may be able to reduce property energy and water consumption. This pilot program will identify and implement potential energy and water savings activities housekeeping staff can implement to reduce the environmental impact of one Boston hotel.

The proposed hotel behavior conservation program will work to institutionalize a series of housekeeping energy savings best practices over several months, or a preferred timeframe decided on by the pilot participant. The program will include elements such as: measuring hotel energy consumption pre- and post-implementation, conducting staff training, developing and measuring program metrics, utilizing new radio communications infrastructure, and creating a staff conservation pledge program with awards and other incentives.

Hotel Energy and Sustainability Focus Areas

  • Heating and cooling loads in guest rooms
  • Water consumption in guest rooms
  • Water and electricity consumption from laundry services
  • Electricity consumption in guest rooms
  • [Others as identified by hotel staff participants]

Participating Individuals and Staff

  • ABC Staff
  • Senior management [Advisory role]
  • Housekeeping staff management [Hotel lead]
  • Housekeeping Staff
  • [Others as identified by hotel staff participants]

Potential Behavior-based Conservation Activities to Be Explored

  • Water leak reporting
  • Non-occupied room temperature set-back
  • Lighting and appliance shut down
  • Positioning blinds to promote/limit solar heat gain in rooms
  • [Other as identified by hotel staff]

The ABC project team will meet with staff to further identify critical issues, develop a project implementation plan and create a timeline. A monitoring plan will also be developed.