Project Database: BioMed Realty



BioMed Realty; 3 Blackfan Circle


In May 2015, through the guidance of the Challenge for Sustainability, BioMed Realty’s Center for Life Science Boston (CLSB) at 3 Blackfan Circle commenced a new composting project aimed at engaging the Discovery Café and their tenants who spend time in the building’s lobby. BioMed established a one-year contract with Agri-Cycle Energy to manage the compost, as well as ordered two 41-gallon three-stream recycling stations, one 23-gallon simple sort compost container, and one 2.25-gallon compost container for their Café’s kitchen to collect food scraps.

“We liked the idea of being able to help the environment in so many ways just by composting; including but not limited to creating heat, electricity, and fertilizer” said Assistant Property Manager of 3 Blackfan, Whitney Talsma. “Plus it sounded kind of fun.”

Because compost was new to CLSB, tenants and staff had to be educated about the program. Talsma put fliers and infographics on the dining tables as well as near the composting stations and elevator advertising screens to raise awareness of the program. Additionally, Agri-Cycle provided on-site education to BioMed and Discovery Café.


Environmental Impact

The project has not been underway long enough to have measurable environmental impacts yet.


$13,112.17, including the 1-year contract with Agri-Cycle, 2 recycling stations, and 2 additional compost containers for the Café.


The project has not been underway long enough to have measurable savings yet.