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Meister Consultants Group; 98 North Washington Street

In 2012 Meister Consulting Group (MCG) ran a Commuter awareness month and competition. Each week for a month MCG staff reported their commuting methods both to and from the office and for business travel. MCG then calculated the daily distance traveled and whether the commute was by car, walking, biking, public transit, plane, or telecommuting. The results were translated into CO2 emissions and the person with the lowest CO2 emissions received a $25 gift certificate to the Equal Exchange coffee shop.

The winner was Consultant, Jayson Uppal.

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Social & Environmental Impact

The competition encouraged walking, biking, and public transit and prompted the office to implement a corporate MBTA pre-tax pass program. In addition, MCG provided covered bike storage.

Challenge Participants Currently Adopting This Practice

  • Au Bon Pain
  • John Hancock
  • Putnam Investments
  • Tsoi/Kobus & Associates