Project Database: Nutter, McClennen & Fish



Nutter, McClennen & Fish; 155 Seaport Boulevard

Nutter, McClennen and Fish’s goals for the renovations were to refresh their design, update cabling, add larger conference space, create a new kitchen and café, expand their gym, create satellite libraries for practice group areas and introduce new technology such as teleconferencing.

Renovations plus deciding to remain in their existing space saved 50% of their built environment and all of the attorney office furniture.

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Savings of Built Environment

  • 115,000 lbs of construction waste from landfills
  • 60,000 square feet of drywall (equal to 1.5 acres)
  • 35,190 linear feet of metal studs (equal to 6.7 miles)
  • approximately 16.3 miles of electrical cable
  • Reused over 180 doors (approximately 10,000 square feet of wood veneer)
  • Reused 160 frames (approximately one mile of aluminum frame)
  • Reused ceiling tile and grid (estimated at over an acre

Savings of Electricity

  • Reduced the overall energy on two public floors by 23%, saving 16,875 watts/hr of energy, which totals 42,000 kilowatts savings annually

Saving Office Furniture and Use of Recycled Content Material

  • Reused almost 1,000 linear feet of metal files and bookshelves
  • Reused and repurposed existing furniture; which saved 67,700 lbs of furniture waste from landfills
  • Used carpet tile (which contains 18%-44% recycled content and is CRI Green Label Plus Certified) to cut down on waste and make it easier to replace