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Friends of Post Office Square; Garage at Post Office Square

Overhauled the Park irrigation system. We conducted a study of our 20 year old lawn irrigation system, and determined that our lawns and trees could be maintained with fewer, smarter, sprinkler heads. The layout of the irrigation was changed to eliminate a dozen sprinkler heads. All remaining heads were replaced with Rainbird PRS pressure regulated spray heads with Hunter MP rotator nozzles designed to emit larger droplets of water, instead of a light mist, as larger droplets fall more quickly and are less subject to being blown around in strong winds. The result is water only where we want it.

We installed an EZ Water Hermit Crab smart controller to allow us to activate it remotely. A moisture sensing device detects high humidity as well as past rainfall, to calibrate the watering to irrigate only what is essential for smarter watering.

Friends of Post Office Square - irrigation

Environmental Impact

We have not had a full season to test the savings, but are hoping for a 30% reduction in water use in the park.




If the anticipate water savings holds true through this first summer with the new system, we will see a full ROI on the overhaul in 2.1 years.