Energy Efficiency
Install/maintain Cogged Or Synchronous Belt Drives

What Is It?

Cogged or synchronous belt drives are used to make motors run more efficiently. About one third of all industrial and commercial motors use a belt drive. Most use V-belts which have an efficiency of 95-98 percent, but lose efficiency over time due to slippage, and do not perform well at high torque. Cogged belts have slots that reduce the belts bending resistance and can be used on the same system as a V-belt. Overall they are 2 percent more efficient than V-belts. Synchronous belts are toothed and require tooth-drive sprockets. They maintain 98 percent efficiency but are loud and transfer vibrations.


Cogged and synchronous belt drives both have a higher efficiency, last longer, and require less maintenance than conventional belt drives. They result in a cost savings over conventional belts due to decreased maintenance costs and less frequent replacement. Additionally, on account of their increased efficiency, they require less energy than conventional belts, and generate annual energy cost savings.

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