Energy Efficiency
Install/ Maintain High Efficiency Boilers

What Is It?

A high-efficiency boiler heats water with minimal wasted energy. A central furnace or boiler’s efficiency is determined by its energy used to heat compared to the energy wasted, a measurement known as annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). An old boiler may have an efficiency rating of 68-72 percent AFUE, while a highly efficient one would have an AFUE of 90-97 percent. It is important to perform the manufacturer’s recommended check ups for any installed high efficiency boiler.


High-efficiency boilers have both energy-related and economic advantages. In older boilers, there is a pilot light that runs constantly, but newer models have an electronic ignition that starts only when needed. Traditional boilers use a draft method of ventilation, while the high-efficiency models have a ventilation system that is mechanically assisted. A 70 percent AFUE boiler upgraded to a 90 percent AFUE boiler would save an estimated $22 for every $100 spent on fuel, about a 20 percent savings in both cost and fuel emissions.

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