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Coordinate Sustainability Effort With Your Tenants

What Is It?

Tenants play an important role in maintaining a building’s sustainable business practices given their everyday impact on energy use and waste generation. It is thus very important for building owners to develop and communicate information regarding the importance of sustainable practices and how tenants can incorporate them into their daily operations. Landlords may also hold regular meetings to listen to tenants’ ideas on how they can improve the sustainability of individual workspaces, the entire building, or property site.


By effectively coordinating with and improving the sustainable practices of tenants, landlords can increase their properties’ efficiencies on multiple fronts. They are able to reduce the demand for energy and optimize water and waste disposal for the entire building, minimizing both environmental impact and operation costs. Implementing sustainable policies can have associated costs, but these costs may be offset by lower utility and maintenance expenses as well as various financial incentives and rebates.

Challenge Participants Currently Adopting This Practice

  • Beacon Capital Partners
  • Boston Properties, Inc.
  • CB Richard Elllis
  • Equity
  • Federal Reserve
  • Friends of Post Office Square
  • John Hancock/Manulife Financial
  • Lincoln Property Company
  • Massachusetts Convention Center Authority
  • Save that Stuff
  • Synergy
  • TD Garden

Financing Options, Incentives, And Rebates

Additional Resources

Social and Economic Case for Aligning Tenant/Landlord Sustainability Goals




Tenant Employee Happiness
Employee Education
Less Environmental Impact
Less Stress
Employee Lifestyle Enhancement
Employee productivity (comprises 80% of cost)
Employee health
Employee recruiting & retention
Decrease Operating Costs
Shared cost between landlord and other tenants
Landlord Community Welfare
Less Environmental Impact
Peer Recognition
Pride in ownership
Best Practice Sharing
Municipal Collaboration
Decreased Operating Costs
Improved Marketability
Risk Management
Competitive Edge


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