People and Culture
Engaging Employees Around Energy

What Is It?

Buildings don’t use energy. People do. Up to 30% of a typical energy bill can be saved through behavior change alone. A successful engagement campaign around energy behavior has the following framework (detail below):
Power to the People


Higher Occupancy Rates Improved employee attraction & retention
Enhanced relationship with tenants Improved ability to achieve green certification
Reduced O&M costs Enhanced brand & reputation
Reduced environmental impacts Enhanced community relations
Improved ability to achieve green certification Improved employee productivity
Enhanced brand & reputation Improved work environment
Regulatory compliance Increased collaboration & innovation

Challenge Participants Currently Adopting This Practice

  • Nixon Peabody (Virtual, interoffice energy summit – youtube video)

Financing Options, Incentives, And Rebates

Additional Resources

For help with how to run a comprehensive energy engagement campaign from start to finish, click through each page starting with Commitment (navigation is on bottom of page).


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