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Implement A Towel And Sheet Reuse Program

What Is It?

A towel and sheet reuse program reduces the number of times towels and sheets are washed, saving hundreds of gallons of water per year. Washing towels and sheets that have not been used is usually unnecessary, yet most hotels still wash them. To implement this program, guests can be informed of laundering options and be advised that only towels left on the floor will be washed.


Guests who voluntarily opt to reuse towels and sheets save hotels a large amount of water, energy, and money. Voluntary programs that encourage guests to request clean linens when needed also extend the useful life of sheets, towels, and washing machines and dryers.

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Challenge Participants Currently Adopting This Practice

  • Marriott
  • The Colonnade Hotel
  • Seaport Hotel
  • Sheraton Hotel

Financing Options, Incentives, And Rebates

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