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Employee Sustainability Pledge

What Is It?

A pledge for sustainability is a formal commitment by employees to adhere to an organization’s sustainable practices. Employees complete a pledge card promising to participate with specific sustainable strategies, such as carpooling or recycling. The pledge can either be standardized throughout the company or be written by each employee. Contests among employees or departments can also promote healthy competition in order to maximize sustainability efforts for a time.


An employee sustainability pledge program raises awareness of the importance of sustainable business practices, not only among the employees but also among a community. It provides an incentive as well as accountability for each employee to make a difference. Pledges can be collected and aggregated to determine the total impact of practices, such as a reduction in vehicle miles travelled by automobile. The greater the number of participating employees, the greater the improvement in sustainability for the employer.

Challenge Participants Currently Adopting This Practice

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  • Dana-Farber
  • Equity
  • Gillette
  • New England Aquarium
  • Starwood Hotels
  • Zoo New England

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