Purchase Organic, Fair Trade Guest Amenities

What Is It?

Fair trade and organic certification programs exist to help consumers differentiate between products based on their social and environmental sustainability. Organic products are produced without artificial chemicals such as man-made pesticides and from plants that are non genetically–modified. Fair trade products are sold at prices that allow workers and farmers to be paid an adequate wage while still ensuring a profit for others in the supply chain.


Organic and fair trade products are produced in ways that minimize environmental degradation, facilitate sustainable development, and promote the ethical treatment of animals and workers. Purchasing organic towels and sheets (usually made from organic cotton or bamboo blends) helps prevent the release of toxic pesticides and herbicides into the environment, protects workers from harmful exposure to these chemicals, and prevents nutrient pollution from fertilizers in watersheds.

Purchasing fair trade-certified towels and sheets ensures that farmers and workers receive a fair wage for their work, and can also prevent environmental degradation from deforestation and improper waste disposal that frequently occurs when poor farmers and factory owners try to cut corners to save costs.

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