Prevent taxi obstruction to bikers

What Is It?

Hotels and restaurants host taxi stands for the convenience of their patrons. Strategically placing these taxi stands on side streets or side entryways ensures that waiting taxis do not obstruct street traffic or pedestrians using the sidewalk and that any emissions do not enter the facility through doorways. Enforcing a no-idling policy and restricting the number of taxis that can queue at the stand further minimizes the air quality and traffic impact of these taxi stands.


Locating taxi stands away from the high-traffic areas allows vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians to move safely outside hotels and restaurants and reduces traffic congestion, air pollution, and noise. Limiting the number of taxis in these queues further reduces their collective environmental impact. Restaurants with taxi stands also facilitate the use of alternative modes of transportation by keeping bike lanes and sidewalks clear for cyclists and pedestrians.

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