Waste Reduction and Management
Provide Recycle Bins In Kitchen And Offices

What Is It?

Providing well-labeled recycling bins in kitchen and office spaces makes it easy to recycle. Recycling allows materials, such as bottles, cans, glass and newspapers, to be reused, instead of discarded. Recycling is one of many initial steps to promoting a more sustainable workplace.


Conveniently locating recycling bins in kitchens and offices increases participation in recycling programs. Recycling prevents materials such as bottles, cans, and newspapers from going to landfills or incinerators. Instead, they are remanufactured into new products, saving energy and natural resources in the process. In Massachusetts, soft drink cans, beer bottles, and mineral water bottles can be recycled for a 5 cent rebate, which can help to fund waste reduction training for employees or purchase more recycling bins.

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