Waste Reduction and Management
Use Packaging With 75 Percent Or Greater Percentage Recycled Materials

What Is It?

One third of total solid waste in the United States comes from packaging. Many manufacturers and industries package their products with virgin or non-recyclable materials. However, there are many affordable options for packaging with 75 percent recycled materials, which are derived from material that would otherwise be landfilled, and can be recycled again for other uses.


Using packaging with recycled material reduces the need to create materials from virgin natural resources, which helps the environment by reducing energy and emissions associated with the mining, processing, and transportation of such materials. Recycling one ton of cardboard prevents 9 cubic yards of waste from entering a landfill. Using recycled and recyclable materials also helps create markets for recyclable products and recycled materials.

  • Read more about the benefits of using packaging with 75 percent or greater percentage of recycled materials.

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