Waste Reduction and Management
Implement In-Store Take-Back Programs For Reusable Materials

What Is It?

In-store take-back programs are designed to help consumers return products for reuse. Generally, retail stores, hospitals, town halls, houses of worship, and other destinations set up collection bins for such products as batteries, plastic bags, electronics, cell phones, CFLS, products with mercury, and refrigerants, for consumers’ convenience. The collection location works with a manufacturer or disposal agency to ready the materials for reuse or recycling.


Waste and pollution are prevented when products and their components are reused through in-store take-back programs, Many electronic products contain significant amounts of precious and resources, such as lead, copper, gold, and leach, which may be harmful if disposed of in landfills or incinerators. The recycling of metals avoids additional destruction to the land from mining. If one million desktop computers were recycled, the annual emissions equal to 16,000 cars would be avoided.

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