Water Efficiency
Waterless Urinals

What Is It?

Waterless urinals are a new type of urinal technology that require no water, flush valves, or any other type of control mechanism to flush waste. There are several varieties, most of which work by means of a liquid seal to trap odor and urine in the basin and maintain hygienic conditions. This seal may or may not be housed in a replaceable cartridge. Other varieties use a flexible silicone diaphragm that allows urine to pass through before sealing the chamber and preventing gases from escaping.


Waterless urinals save water and energy because they do not require water. They also require less plumbing and flush valve repair costs because there is no water piping or control mechanism. Their hands-free, flushless operation also makes them more sanitary than a traditional urinal, and they ease the load on a septic system.

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Challenge Participants Currently Adopting This Practice

  • Community Servings
  • Massachusetts Convention Center Authority
  • Seaport Hotel
  • TD Garden

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